The best Lachha Paratha

Updated: Apr 13


  • 290g bread flour

  • 9g salt

  • 197g water

  • Vegetable oil for rolling and frying



1. Put all ingredients, except for oil, in a bowl and bring together until you have created a soft dough. Knead the dough for a few minutes until the dough springs back when slightly poked.

2. Form the dough into a ball and leave covered for 30 minutes to rest.

3. Divide the dough ball into eight equal pieces and form into eight balls.

4. Leave the dough to rest for another 10 minutes.

5. On a well oiled surface (your veg oil) place one dough ball onto the surface, flatten it out slightly with your fingers to create a disc. Oil the surface of your dough and then roll out as thin as you can with a rolling pin into a large circle. The dough should be so thin that it becomes translucent.

Use the video below for guidance on this next step:

6. Add slightly more oil to the surface of the dough and from the top of the circle begin to fold the dough over and under itself into the shape of an accordion. You are now left with a long rope shape. Holding either ends, stretch the dough out slightly more, and then roll this up into a spiral putting the end piece under your now disc of dough.

7. Rest each of these discs for a further 10 minutes.

8. Flatten each disc using the base of your hands into a larger disc. Using a rolling pin, roll the disc out into a circle being slightly thicker than what you rolled the dough out in step 6. Use the video below for guidance.

9. In a pan on a low to medium heat, pour 10ml veg oil and wait to heat up. Add the paratha and flip over every 40 seconds until cooked.

10. When the paratha comes off the heat, expose the layers of your bread using the technique below.

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