About Me


Labour of Love Bakery: Online recipes that get straight to the point

My biggest passion in life, besides eating of course, is baking. I love its process, therapeutic nature, creativity, but most of all, how it really is the epitome of the labour of love. Baking not only has me constantly learning more about how different ingredients work differently with one another, but it also has me learning a lot about myself. 

A lot of my inspiration comes from recipes which I find online. I enjoy testing out these recipes and practicing them until I, hopefully, perfect them and then ultimately come up with a recipe of my own. With this website, I promise to get straight to the point and only give you a recipe with no frills attached (which many online recipes seem to come along with). 

- So with all that being said, enjoy the recipes that I have to offer and hopefully they inspire you to display your labour of love.